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IdeaSIP Service Numbers

Number Description
011*-,00*-,001*-(country code)-(area code)-(number) International PSTN Calls(?) (requires IdeasOUT)
1-(area code)-(number) PSTN Calls to US, Canada, Islands(?) (requires IdeasOUT)
*69 Return the last call
*78 Do Not Disturb Toggle
*98 Check voicemail (requires Enhanced Voicemail)
XX 2-Digit speed dial entries
201 IdeaSIP Welcome Message
301 Echo test
100-XXX-XXXX Conference Call Lines
411 'Free 411' US Directory Assistance
1411 'GOOG 411' US/Canada Directory Assistance
8355 (Tell) TellMe Information Service
8463 (Time) Time Service (Eastern Time, US)
1-800-XXX-XXXX US Toll Free Numbers
1-888-XXX-XXXX US Toll Free Numbers
1-866-XXX-XXXX US Toll Free Numbers
1-877-XXX-XXXX US Toll Free Numbers
011*-,00*-,001*-49800, -49130 Germany Toll-Free Numbers
011*-,00*-,001*-44800, -44808, -44500 UK Toll-Free Numbers
011*-,00*-,001*-31800 Netherlands Toll-Free Numbers
011*-,00*-,001*-47800 Norway Toll-Free Numbers

Other Networks

1-588-(number) InPhonex
*164-(number) ENUM Numbers
1-999-(SIPBroker code)-(number) SIPBroker Network

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