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Welcome to the IdeaSIP network!

I'm sure you're looking forward to getting started, so I'll get right to the details.

The first thing you should do is download a SIP-enabled softphone (a software phone). You can use your own SIP phone or SIP router if you'd like. The choice is yours. We do, however, recommend Counterpath's free (X-Lite) softphone as it's been used extensively in our testing, and we know it works well.

Clicking on those links will download tested and approved versions of Counterpath's X-Lite Softphone.

After you install the softphone and run it, it will require you to fill in some basic fields in order to get things to work properly.

Display Name: Your Name
Username: Your IdeaSIP number
Authentication User: Your IdeaSIP number
SIP Proxy:
STUN Server:

For instructions on configuring X-Lite v3, click here.

For instructions on configuring X-Lite v3 for Instant Messaging, click here.

For instructions on downloading and configuring SJphone 1.60, click here.

For instructions on configuring X-Lite v2, click here.


Once you're done, you should be all set to star making calls. Be sure to check the Service Numbers page and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions pages to understand how to make calls to other IdeaSIP users, other networks, and a whole host of other services.

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