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One of the distinct advantages of using IdeaSIP is that, with the right client software, we support not only voice calls, but also video and instant messaging. To explain how to use instant messaging with the X-Lite v3 softphone, we've created this tutorial to get you started. This tutorial assumes you already have X-Lite v3 installed and configured to use IdeaSIP, and that the person you will be instant messaging has the same software.*

First, click on the arrow to the right of the X-Lite screen to open the contacts button.

When it opens, you should see a blank contact window with your availability, a contacts button, and a list of your IM/phone contacts:

Next, click on the 'Contacts' drop down and select 'Add Contact...'

It will open up a set of fields to add a new contact. Fill out those fields as you see fit, but the important field is the 'Softphone' field. Make sure you put in the correct IdeaSIP username and be sure to check the box at the bottom that says 'Show this Contact's Availability.'

Then, just click on 'OK' and you should be presented with your contact's name in the Contact list.

When the user in your contact list logs on with X-Lite v3, his icon will turn green to indicate that he's available. You can then right-click his contact name and select 'Instant Message' to send him an IM, or double-click his contact name to initiate a voice call.

The icon on your contact list will indicate his current state: Available, Idle, Busy, On the Phone, etc.

This will not work for ANY phone your contact uses. To check the online status of your friends or colleagues when they're not using X-Lite, add one of them to your IdeaSIP phone book, and check the online status indicator in your phone book page.


*while X-Lite v3 is not required for IM via IdeaSIP, not all software phone support IM, so we have chosen to give instructions using one that does.

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