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First, if the program isn't already open to the configuration menu, you'll have to open up the menu. To do this, click on the button right above the number '3' on the dialpad. Go to System Settings->SIP Proxy->Default

Double click at the top where it says Enabled: No and change that to select Yes. Then click on the back button down at the bottom and double-check all your settings to make sure everything is correct.

Fill in the data in the account tab

Display Name: Your Name
Username: Your IdeaSIP number
Authorization User: Your IdeaSIP number
Password: Your IdeaSIP password
SIP Proxy:

If you're behind a NAT firewall (if you're on a home network or a small office network), you'll need one extra step to get fully connected. Click here to download and install a NAT testing program called WinStun. Once installed, run it and enter in into the dialog box. Click on 'Run Test' and check for the second line in the display. It should look like this:

If your display says 'VoIP will work with STUN', then you need to go back into the menu for your X-Lite program and choose System Settings, Network, and then put in the STUN server settings:

That's it. Close the setup window, and it should give you information on the main screen saying "Logged in." From there, you can dial any IdeaSIP number (1101+number) in our network.

You also have the option to test connectivity to the network by dialing: 201 This should give you a basic voicemail default message.

For a list of some other test and fun numbers to call, Click here...

That's all there is to it. Start getting your friends to sign up today, and the world of free SIP to SIP calls, or call any one of our SIP partners for free just by dialing one of their numbers on our numbers page.

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