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To start with SJphone, you'll need to download it from:

Once you've downloaded the program, run it to install. During install, it will ask you to configure your audio devices (microphone and speaker) for optimum performance. It will also ask you if you want to enable DirectX for your audio. This is optional, and may increase performance. On some of our systems, however, the audio quality was FAR worse with DirectX audio than without. It can be turned on and off in the Options section (Audio tab) after the phone has been installed, so if your audio quality is filled with pops and crackles, you may try switching this function off.

After installing the SJphone client, download the file from this link:

On a PC, right-click that link and choose Save Link As in Mozilla/Netscape or Save Target As in Internet Explorer.

On a Mac, ctrl-click and choose Save Link As.

Save the file to the Profiles directory in your SJphone install directory ( eg. C:\Program Files\SJLabs\SJphone\Profiles )

Next, Run SJphone and click the button in the center of the phone that looks like a screwdriver:

Then select Options, and in the Options section, choose the Profiles tab:

There should be a profile listed called IdeaSIP with a status of incomplete.

Select the IdeaSIP profile, and click the Initialize button.

Enter your Account (your IdeaSIP phone number with no spaces or dashes -- eg. 11011234567) and your IdeaSIP password.

Click OK. Then click the Use button (next to the Initialize button).

Once the profile has loaded, it will change the look of the default SJphone to look like this:

That's it. Your phone should be ready for use. If you entered your password or user account incorrectly, the phone will not say Registered up at the top. if that's the case, simply go back into the Options -> Profiles tab, select IdeaSIP and click the Initialize button again to set your account and password information correctly.

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